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'Increased Breadth of Interconnective Technology'

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Interconnect Standard Technologies

Tekdata provides competitive build to print interconnection systems using standard wires and components to industrial, military and aerospace standards.

Standard interconnect solutions manufactured and tested to AS9100 Rev C and IPC 620

  • Cable harness assemblies
  • High temperature assemblies
  • Opened wired assemblies
  • Sealed assemblies
  • Filtered cable assemblies and connectors
  • Cabinet assembly work
  • Black Box assembly work
  • LS & LS0H assemblies

Cable harness assemblies

Standard Interconnection harnesses, general purpose bus cables, and other cables using rectangular ...

High temperature cable assemblies

High temperature cable assemblies for Aerospace and advanced applications...

Cable Design and Specification

Our design team can work with you to overcome challenges your project may be facing. Experience in ...

Cabinet assembly work

Cabinet assembly work...

Black Box assembly work

Black Box assembly work...

LS & LS0H Harness Assemblies

LS & LS0H Harness Assemblies...

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